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脱颖 Tuo Ying 张正中 Zhang Zheng Zhong


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ARTIST: 张正中 Zhang Zheng Zhong

Born in Yixing, Jiangsu Province in 1964, Zhang Zheng Zhong 张正中 is an official Grandmaster of Arts and Crafts known for his avant-garde creations that deviate from the elemental aspects and institution of the zisha world, and is widely praised for his brilliance and ingenuity in fusing art and academic tradition. His works have been sold at many auctions, with the highest bid reaching 2 Million RMB.

A fully handmade zisha masterpiece perfectly integrates practicality and artistry, while exhibiting both the density of the material and the delicacy of its texture. Zhang Zheng Zhong captures these attributes superbly, while at the same time exhibiting sheer creativity, exquisite craftsmanship, and noble spirit. These features are drawn from his unique experience with the craft, beginning with his intensive study on old zisha crafts collected throughout his lifetime, and learning the essence of some of the most captivating zisha artists of the past. Through discipline and dedication, Zhang Zheng Zhong developed a deep and profound understanding of the traditional zisha art form, boldly evident in his early Hua Qi creations. With his extensive knowledge of the physical properties of zisha clay and the metaphysical spirit of zisha craftsmanship, Zhang Zheng Zhong continues to pursue the development of zisha art not only for the cultivation of its heritage and tradition, but to also elevate its modern standing in the art world through a rigorous and intricate combination of cultural undertones, aesthetic value, and classical/contemporary style all at once...

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CAPACITY: ~600ml