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高德钟 Tall De Zhong 沈美华 Shen Mei Hua 底槽清 Di Cao Qing 书画大家 顾森 题字 Gu Sen


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ARTIST沈美华 作品 Made by Shen Mei Hua, nationally-acclaimed Senior Master Arts and Crafts Artist, student of Grandmaster Li Chang Hong, and 2nd generation disciple of Grandmaster Gu Jing Zhou. Her "Tall De Zhong" was collected by the national art museum of China in 2011, since then she made this one and collaborated with the painter and calligrapher Gu Sen 顾森.

Gu Sen 顾森 was born in June 1944 in Chongqing, Zhejiang province. He is a researcher and doctoral advisor of The Research Institute of Chinese Art.

He graduated from the Department of The Research Institute of Chinese Art with a master's degree in fine arts history and theory In 1981. He studied under 王朝闻 Wang Chaowen, 蔡若虹 Cai Ruohong, 朱丹 Zhu Dan and 温廷宽 Wen Tingkuan.

He used to be the director of the Fine Arts Department of the Chinese Academy of Arts, the director of the Comparative Art Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Arts, the director of the Calligraphy and Painting Research Department, the director of the Architectural Art Research Institute, and a member of the Expert evaluation Committee of China's declaration of "Representative Works of Intangible Heritage" of the United Nations.


President of Chinese Painting Society
Professor of Traditional Chinese Culture Institute of Renmin University of China
Member of theory Committee of Chinese Artists Association.


Chinese Traditional Sculpture《中国传统雕塑》
Chinese Paintings 《中国汉画图典》
Cemitric Warriors of The Qin and Han Dynasties《秦汉陶俑》
History of Painting of the Qin and Han Dynasties《秦汉绘画史》
Dictionary of Modern Art 《现代艺术鉴赏词典》
Chinese Folk Art《中国民间艺术》
Classic Library of Chinese Art for one Hundred Years 《百年中国美术经典文库(五卷本)》
The Twelvefold of History of Chinese Art 第十二卷本 《中国美术史》
Qin and Han Art (national key research project) 第三卷《秦汉美术卷》(国家重点科研项目
Encyclopedia of Chinese Art · Sculpture 《中国艺术百科辞典·雕塑卷》
Mighty Art 《强悍的艺术》

MATERIAL: Top-grade Di Cao Qing Zini, from No.4 mine Huang Long Shan. aged for 28 years

极品四号井底槽清. 陈腐28年

CAPACITY: ~650ml


This piece comes with a photo/video with the artist, handwritten certificate w/ signature and seal.

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